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Gratitude Month – Day 4 – Book ‘Em

on November 4, 2010

I am a book lover and an avid reader. I used to be a book collector. Every book I had read, I had purchased or it was given to me. My husband is the same way. You can imagine, after all these years together, how many books we have scattered throughout the house. I didn’t use the public library because it was so musty, I’d get an allergy attack just walking in. Besides, we had the money, so we bought the books. We didn’t consider the cost to the environment or the amount we were wasting on new books.

A few years ago, I was tired of the stacks of books around here. We could have opened our own library. How often do we read books more than once? Certainly not enough to justify our collection! I was almost getting alarmed at how much I spent on and I couldn’t walk through a Barnes and Noble without buying something. This “love” was turning into a problem for us. I decided to try out the library again, and I discovered a library branch not far from my home tucked into a strip mall. I fell in love! I didn’t have allergy attacks when I walked in, the staff was incredible, and they were happy to take a lot of my books off my hands as a donation – a win-win situation!

Now with my husband not working, buying books is a luxury – and one we don’t really need when there’s a library a few miles away. I place books on hold that aren’t available at my branch and within a few days, they’re ready for me to pick up unless several other people have requested it. I have three weeks to read the book and then poof! It’s back at the library, out of my home, and I haven’t spent anything to indulge in one of my favorite pastimes. Plus, I try out books I wouldn’t have purchased, and I’m discovering new authors all the time. If I check out something I don’t like, I don’t feel pressured to finish it because I paid for it. I just take it back to the library.

My husband has also been bitten by the library bug, and our favorite Saturday day is stopping by the library together.

With the serious budget cuts my county and state have had to implement, my branch was scheduled to be closed. The owner of the strip mall where the branch is located donated the space for this next year. What a generous gift!

So for today, I’m so grateful for my public library, and I’m grateful to the person (or company) who donated the rent space for an entire year so my branch could stay open. THANK YOU!

How about you on this 4th day of November? What has you smiling in gratitude?

2 responses to “Gratitude Month – Day 4 – Book ‘Em

  1. NayNay says:

    Today, Maribeth, I am grateful to have met you through the Comfort Cafe! I’m enjoying your blog. Namaste!


  2. Oh thank you NayNay! And I’m grateful I met you there too. I need to dig in and post there this month. I haven’t been in a few weeks and I miss it! I share write a gratitude post about the Comfort Cafe this month!


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