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Gratitude Month – Day 7 – New Baby!

on November 7, 2010

New babies are such blessings! My family has a new little one to celebrate. My niece delivered her first baby today, Riley Lynn. She was 10 lbs 13 oz! Mom and baby are perfect.

I can’t believe what an emotional roller coaster this has been for me. I really hadn’t been too concerned until a week ago when I had a very real dream that the baby died. Having lost babies myself, I suppose it’s a fear that is always under the surface. But I work with pregnant women on a daily basis and I don’t feel the paranoia that has gone through me this last week. My niece was overdue and finally induced; she had a long labor, and as yesterday turned into today, I became a basket case. My own mother couldn’t understand these emotions I was having, which bothered me even more. Luckily, my sweet husband held my hand as we waited for news (we live in a different state so weren’t there for the labor and birth). He got it, especially when I realized the baby was being born at the same hospital where I lost my baby Mark after a prolonged labor.

So, rather than eat the entire kitchen, I went grocery shopping with my son, baked brownies, and had a lovely session of yoga. I freaked out on facebook and finally let go. And as things happen, as soon as I did that, we got the news–everything perfect! Sigh . . . what a blessing.

My family has gotten smaller with the deaths of my brothers so this new little person feels so wonderful. Her grandpa (my brother) isn’t here to see her in person but I’m sure he was there watching, hovering in the background as he would have done had he been alive, praying that his daughter didn’t have the same awful experiences as his little sister.

On this lovely November 7, I am so grateful for my new little niece–and I’m also grateful that God gave me sons. I know now that I wouldn’t have gotten through this very well with my own daughters that may have gotten the flukey pregnancy gene from me. I feel so relieved I won’t have to experience that! I imagine it will be challenging enough with daughters-in-law!

4 responses to “Gratitude Month – Day 7 – New Baby!

  1. Ada Lai says:



  2. NayNay says:

    Oh, Maribeth, I totally get how this could be distressful for you! I’m so happy to hear that everything is well. Take care!


    • Thanks NayNay! My mom didn’t get my stress but whatever – LOL. She just seems to think nothing bothers me because I’m so strong. Well, I probably am a strong person but rather than throwing that at me every time I feel distressed, a hug and some empathy would go a long way, ya know! 🙂


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