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Gratitude Month – Day 10 – Wiggle Those Digits!

on November 10, 2010

When I talk to people about writing gratitude journals, they seem to think each day needs to be something big, something major and profound. I’m here to remind you that it’s just as important, if not more so, to be grateful for the little things. We tend to forget the little things, don’t we?

Today, I’m expressing my gratitude for 10 little things I’ve taken for granted—my fingers.

I’d be lost without my fingers. When I think about them and what they can do, I’m in awe. They’re truly work horses! And yet, we tend to forget about those 10 little darlings unless one of them hurts and/or we can’t use them.

I learned to type about a 100 years ago in junior high on a manual Smith Corona machine. How many of you have ever typed on a typewriter let alone a non-electric one? Let me tell you—banging those keys builds muscles in those little fingers! I have typed in every job I’ve ever had, including now. I earn a living with these fingers! My family depends on them! So hell yeah! I’m grateful.

Beyond the $$$ aspect, think about what you can do with your fingers . . .

  • Scrape sleep from your eyes first thing in the morning
  • Braid your hair (or your daughter’s!) or even place a band on a pony tail
  • Give someone a thumb’s up (let’s hear it for our thumbs!)
  • Scratch your dog behind the ears until he groans in delight
  • Knit or crochet away your stress (and this applies to most crafts – can’t imagine embroidering without fingers!)
  • Dig the lint out of your belly button
  • Pick a flower and hand it to someone special
  • Play the piano or almost any other instrument
  • The obvious – TEXTING
  • Channel surfing on your TV (that’s for you Hubs)
  • Handwrite your grocery list, your homework or even a letter (when was the last time you handwrote a letter to someone?)
  • Hang ornaments on your Christmas tree (almost that time of year!)
  • Put on your underwear and hook your bra (or grabbing your bra out of your bra-fetish puppy’s mouth)
  • Pick broccoli out of your two front teeth (I have a gap so this is a real issue for me)
  • Weave the top crust on a cherry pie (ok, I admit I can’t do this but I want to—it’s on my bucket list)
  • Put in your pierced earrings or most likely, any piercing
  • Snap your fingers to a catchy tune or get your dog’s attention
  • Turning the pages of a fabulous book
  • Throw a rockin’ fast ball (maybe I don’t do this one every day but I can dream it)
  • Blow a kiss (blowing a kiss without your fingers is just an air kiss and that’s a bit pretentious for me 😉

I’m sure you can make a list bigger than this one of the extraordinary (and especially the ordinary) ways you use your fingers on a daily basis. Don’t you think they’re worthy of your gratitude? Life would be infinitely harder without them.

And what are you wonderful people grateful for today? I’d love hear and witness your gratitude.

2 responses to “Gratitude Month – Day 10 – Wiggle Those Digits!

  1. Ada Lai says:

    you are sooooo amazing… every single thing you express gratitude is like “wow! why didn’t i think of that? she is soooo right!”!!! I mean… like you said, if i didn’t have my wonderful 10 fingers (that function well even with a little arthritis), not only could i not do any of the marvelous things you noted, but I couldn’t knit or crochet. I’ve sometimes feared what I would do if I lost the ability to use my hands and couldn’t do those 2 things that bring me just joy and peace. Hugs, hugs, and more hugs to you!


  2. Aw thanks Ada. Last year when I did this on facebook, I had some people say they just couldn’t think of anything or they’d say something like, it’s been such a horrible day that the only think I’m grateful for is it’s almost over. It’s sad – there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for. We just into places or moods where we don’t want to look for it. I’ve been there, and that’s what is so helpful about writing a gratitude list every night. When you have those moments where you can’t think of anything to be grateful for, you pick up the lists and are instantly reminded of the goodness. It’s right there!

    I haven’t crocheted in ages and I’m an awful novice with knitting. I discovered quilting a few years ago (and that I’m fabric fondler!). The problem with quilting (unless you’re doing hand piecing) is that it’s not as transportable as knitting and crocheting. I’m thinking about looking for a knitting class this winter. Wish we lived closer and you could give me private lessons!


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