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Gratitude Month – Day 13 – Keeping Toasty

on November 13, 2010

We’re having typical mid-November weather in Northern Nevada.  It’s sunny and warm in the afternoon, down to the low 30’s/upper 20’s at night.  We call it layer weather because you have to dress in layers to be warm enough in the morning but you start peeling the layers off one by one as the day warms up.  Then of course, you end up putting the layers back on as the sun goes down.

Without question, I’m grateful that our furnace keeps us warm on these frosty nights.  In January, we’d be having a rough go without our furnace.  However, if that furnace ever goes out, where would be without warm blankets?  Have you ever thought about how lovely a blanket is (or a quilt or an afghan – even a snuggie)?  Are you thinking I’ve really fallen off my rocker with this one?  I’ll be more specific.

About 5 or 6 years ago, my mom made me a quilt.  She embroidered several squares, sewed them together, and made a quilt out of it.  She put hours and hours of work into this quilt, and every time I use it, I feel like I’m being hugged by my mom.  There’s an energy sewed into it that is my mom – probably because she stitched her heart into it and thought of me as she made it.  Because I have a husband and puppy who snore a lot, I tend to wander out to the couch with this quilt.  I wrap up in it and I feel loved and warm.  I’m swaddled in my mother’s quilt and I usually sleep rather well.  After all this time, the quilt is looking quite old and worn, but I find it especially lovely now because I understand its essence.  Embedded within it is my mom’s heart and now my warm rested soul.

While I’m grateful for any blanket that keeps me warm on these cold nights, especially when I’m sitting in my chilly family room, and I’m grateful for that furnace that keeps chugging through the winter, I’m especially grateful for a warm quilt made with love, just for me.   ♥

Love you Mom.

2 responses to “Gratitude Month – Day 13 – Keeping Toasty

  1. andrea says:

    that is beautiful maribeth.
    quilts are so special.


  2. Aw, thanks Andrea! I appreciate that ♥


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