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Gratitude Month – Day 16 – A Bit of Heaven

on November 16, 2010

Virginia Lake in November

Yesterday, I whined a bit about my city so I want to rectify that a bit by expressing my gratitude for one of Reno’s little gems – Virginia Lake.  I live about a mile away from this little oasis in The Biggest Little City.  It’s a mile around and always populated by a myriad of ducks, Canadian snow geese, swans, and other birds.  There’s a walking path around it and you’ll meet people of all ages, some going solo, some holding hands, some pushing strollers or holding leashes, and some are running around like marathon runners.

Today was stressful, and on a whim, I stopped by the lake on my way home.  It was a lovely Fall afternoon with the perfect temperature for walking—and NO wind which is amazing for this time of year.  I took one lap around and didn’t break a sweat or freeze my ears off.  Everyone I met was smiling, including the dogs.  The kids were having fun tossing bread crumbs to the ducks.  It was very nearly perfect!  I felt like part of a Norman Rockwell painting.

I’m so grateful for this little respite amidst this crazy stress, a few moments to look at a crystal clear blue sky and feel that sense that I’m a teeny part of this great big universe.  Even though I was walking, I could feel my heart beat slow down a bit, and my out of control monkey mind chatter melted away.  For those 20 minutes, I felt my bliss return and along with it, gratitude!

What are you grateful for today?

One response to “Gratitude Month – Day 16 – A Bit of Heaven

  1. […] grateful I got some lovely walks in at Virginia Lake this month, enjoying the fall colors and warm breezes – because, just a week later, the leaves […]


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