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Gratitude Month – Day 19 – Oscar the Sequoia

on November 21, 2010

I have a sequoia tree in my back yard that is 80-100’ tall.  Everyone who comes over tries to guess how tall it is.  The tree skirt takes up 1/4 of my back yard!  I love to stand with my back against the trunk and just look back at my house.  It makes me feel grounded and sturdy.  The branches hang down low enough that I’m hidden when I stand against the trunk; it’s my own private little spot in nature, a place I can go and connect with nature, where I feel safe.

I asked this old tree what his name was and he whispered, “Oscar.”

It’s impossible to take a picture of Oscar and get his entire size or majesty.  I tried, and they just did not do him justice.

We get high winds in the winter, and one year, a blue spruce uprooted next to my bedroom.  Luckily, it fell sideways into a fence instead of the house.  If Oscar was uprooted in these nasty winds and fell towards the house, we’d be decimated.  And yet, I know that will never happen.  Oscar sways and stands tall, protecting us.

When breezes blow through the upper branches, it sounds like ocean waves hitting the beach.  It’s incredible!

It might sound nuts to be grateful for one tree in a backyard; I’m really grateful for all trees.  But I’m especially grateful for this giant sequoia that whispers in my ear and stands tall no matter what happens around him.

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