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Gratitude Month – Day 20 – Taking Care of Business

on November 21, 2010

How often do we shop or conduct business at the same stores day after day without ever connecting in some way to the people who wait on us?

When I first started my own business, I signed up for a mailbox at a mailbox store.  For the first few years, they did an adequate job but then changed ownership and things went downhill.  They lost checks, they send back review books for no reason, and they misplaced several of my packages.  ARGH!

A new strip mall was built about a mile from my home and YES!  A new UPS Store opened.  I went through the hassle of closing my first box and getting a new one at this store.  For the last several years, the manager has been a real GEM.  Julia always has a friendly face and a happy greeting every time I see her.  This store has NEVER lost a check or misplaced a package.  I know my mail is in good hands, and this is important for small businesses like mine.  I rely on them and they, in turn, take care of me.

The difference between my first mailbox rental and this UPS Store is like day and night, and I’m so grateful to Julia and her crew.  THANKS guys – I’m a very happy customer!

Who do you do business with frequently that takes wonderful care of you?  Give them a thanks for a job well done.

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