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Gratitude Month – Day 28 –Say What?

on November 28, 2010

At 51, I am losing my hearing.  I have some nerve deafness in both ears, which can’t be fixed and will continue to deteriorate.  I also have constant tinnitus in both ears (and sometimes my ears play two different discordant tunes—UGH!).  I’ve even woken up in the night from the noise in my ears.

Before my situation gets worse and I throw another pity party, I want to express wholeheartedly how grateful I am that I’ve had “good enough” hearing most of life.  I heard my boys’ first cries and first giggles.  I’ve heard my husband’s beautiful voice say, “I love you, and I do.”  I’ve heard ocean waves and breezes blowing through my backyard trees.

Music – I’ve been able to experience the pleasure of playing instruments and participating with musical groups.  Simply listening to music is a divine gift.  It touches my soul in incredible ways, and I’m grateful for each and every experience.

Before tinnitus entered my life, I heard silence—pure beautiful silence.

When my oldest son laughs, he sounds exactly like my brother Mark who died in 1999.  It makes me smile, and it’s such a gift!

All the things we hear that we take for granted . . . I’m remembering them today with gratitude.  Take a minute with me and thank those ears.  They provide an amazing service for us!

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