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Gratitude Month – Day 30 – Brotherly Love

on November 30, 2010

Mark, Mari, Michael

Today is my brother Michael’s birthday.  He died four years ago, and I still miss him so very much.

Michael was 11 1/2 years older than me, and for a good chunk of my life, he was a surrogate parent.  When he was sent to Vietnam, he told people he was going to make sure his little sister didn’t grow up in a communism country.  A lovely, if idealistic, sentiment.

As I got older, he was my buddy and I felt as though he was really the only one in the world that accepted me just as I am.  I’m so grateful I had someone in my life like that, especially during my teen years.

I miss having someone tell me that he’s always there even if he doesn’t call often, that I’m always in his thoughts, that we didn’t HAVE to say the words because the love and emotion was always, always there.

…I miss you Bro! I miss your laugh, and I miss the way you’d change around words accidentally (remember Casey Steach instead of Stacy Keach?).  I seem to have inherited this strange phenomenon from you!   I miss the crazy Thanksgivings we had together, staying up late working 3D puzzles and listening to Sean regale us with idiotic 7/11 stories that had us in stitches and tears.  I miss the shopping trips where we talked about everything and anything.  When I get lost driving somewhere, I can hear your wild laughter since neither of us could navigate our way out of a tea cup.  We were always taking the scenic tour!  I miss you but I’m so very grateful you were in my life for 48 years.

PS – the above picture is me with my brothers.  Both have passed on.  I love this picture because we were young and silly – and frankly, my brothers were both so hammered that I was holding them up 🙂  Check out those “stashes” and that pepsi bottle!  Hello 1985!

One response to “Gratitude Month – Day 30 – Brotherly Love

  1. The “stashes” – seeing the stashes, and seeing your note about the stashes made me laugh.

    The sweetness and love in your post made me tear up – and reading that both brothers have “passed on” got the tears out from behind my eyes and running down my face!!!

    I’m so grateful to be getting to know you better through these posts – and grateful with you that you had Michael during your teenage years (what a wonder, how dear – to have someone share unconditional love like that – especially in the teen years!!!).

    p.s. you are extremely pretty (I was wondering whether the beauty I see in your current pics was due to your beautiful spirit – you know how folks’ inner beauty can shine huge, almost overtakes their actual features?? – but I see now that you are very, very pretty physically – as well as spirit wise…beautiful inside and out – jeez, my p.s. is longer than my comment -& your post – and may not make sense to you…lol)


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