Maribeth Wilder Doerr

Shades of Healing ~ Creating a Wholehearted Life

Choosing And . . .

on October 30, 2012

I made this video for a class I’m currently taking.  The assignment was simply to tell a story.   The quality of the video was not a factor in the assignment, and as you’ll see, quality it is not 🙂 – but I do tell my story of birth, death, sorrow, joy, the holidays . . . and choosing AND.  It’s really called Wholehearted Living!

Please overlook the bad hair day and the pasty-still-sickly skin, not to mention the poor video quality.  Just listen with your heart. ♥

5 responses to “Choosing And . . .

  1. Ada says:

    wow…Maribeth, this video is beautiful. You know I identify so strongly with this, esp. as this time of year includes all my “anniversaries” as well (with this being the 25th anniversary for Matthew). I especially appreciated your last comment about people feeling we only have two choices – but I did, as you did, choose to combine them by moving on, but also remembering. Matthew has given Bob and me so many gifts and we have really cherished everything in our lives – and expressed thanks every day for our beautiful daughter. Thank you for explaining this to others. Love ya!! and…YOU are beautiful in this video – in every possible way.


  2. This is beautiful (as YOU are), Maribeth, thanks so much!!


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