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Recommended Resources

There is a plethora of products, e-courses, blogs, websites, newsletters – you name it! – on the internet these days. These are some of my favorites that I wholeheartedly recommend. I am not an affiliate or otherwise paid for these recommendations. I just want to share some of my goldmine finds.

Programs and Courses:

  • 30 Days of Yoga by Marianne Elliot (My experience with this program is here.  I love it and can’t recommend it enough.  I’m now working with Marianne again in her 90 Days of Yoga.)
  • Open Heart Project by Susan Piver.  From Susan’s website:  The Open Heart Project was created to help you learn to meditate, stabilize your practice as an everyday part of your life and, if you wish, to go further by applying the insights of practice to every part of your life.  Susan has two memberships available:  a basic version that is free and a practitioner level for those who dig deep into meditation.  Susan is the author of How Not to Be Afraid of Your Life and is an amazing meditation instructor.


  • MantraWave Meditations by Eric Klein of (My experience with this program is here.) Eric also has a Healing Family Karma Program that is amazing.


  • Square-Peg People – “Here at Square-Peg People we encourage mindful nonconformity, champion uniqueness in all its forms, and appreciate what’s right with you (instead of focusing on figuring out, or fixing, what’s wrong with you – which is a blechy, nonproductive way to go about things).
  • Remembering for Good – This is Cath Duncan’s site on wholehearted living after loss. Cath is brilliant and compassionate and if you’re grieving, or know someone who is, you will find incredibly helpful information here.
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