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As a woman who struggled with reproductive issues, Maribeth Doerr’s passion is helping women achieve healthy pregnancies, babies and families.  After working with bereaved parents for several years, Maribeth started working on the internet in 1995 for the Prodigy Classic service as the medical support board leader and author of the Grief, Loss and Recovery web community.  To balance her extensive grief work, Maribeth started in April 1996 to focus on the joys of pregnancy and was hired to manage and author the Pregnancy & Pediatrics community on Prodigy Internet until Prodigy closed their communities.

Since then, StorkNet has been Maribeth’s baby, and the site has grown from a list of pregnancy links to over 10,000 pages of rich content covering pregnancy, parenting, and more, along with a very active community of devoted members. In 1998, another award-winning site,, was added to the StorkNet Family network to provide a week by week look at pregnancy. was launched in October 2001, and set sail in February 2002.

Maribeth Doerr is a published writer and former workshop presenter with extensive support group direction, website management and community production experience.  She has been married since December 1985 to the love of her life, and has two remarkable living sons born after high risk, complicated pregnancies and the loss of five babies through stillbirth, neonatal loss, two miscarriages and the loss of a twin.  Despite the rocky road to parenthood, Maribeth wouldn’t change a thing; parenting is the greatest experience of her life.  Of course, a sense of humor and some good luck helps to make it all come together!